Sunday, September 14, 2014

First Post!

Happy Sunday everyone!  

Hi, I'm Valerie.  I am a sophomore, and I just transferred to RIC this year.  Last year I attended Boston College, but I am SO much happier here at RIC.  I really like all of my classes and my professors.  I especially love the dynamic of the class and how openly we can all talk.  When I am not in class, I work as a nanny for this sweet little guy. 

I also teach dance and barre fitness classes.  I live in Providence with Erin (who's in this class) and our crazy kitten Lola.  She was an impulsive decision that we only regret when she decides the middle of the night is an appropriate play time.  I'm looking forward to this class and figuring out this whole blogging thing…it will get more creative with time :) 


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